written by
Chris Giesler

2019 Watchwords from the Board of World Mission

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For many years now, Moravians from around the world have chosen a Scripture Watchword that is intended to be a guide or word of encouragement for the coming year. We know that most Moravian congregations provide Watchwords for their members, but we are also aware that there are many who support the Board of World Mission who do not have access to them. We would like for you to have one!

These texts are individually selected from the 2019 Moravian Daily Texts, and include a Scripture verse and the hymn text that was chosen to accompany it. We pray that these words will be a blessing to you.

To receive your Watchword for 2019 simply send Chris Giesler your name and mailing address (that's snail mail) at chris@moravianmission.org.

Each Watchword will have the Board of World Mission logo on one side, and a prayerfully selected Scripture verse and hymn text on the other.